About us


Aram is a word from Tamil - a language considered to be more than 5000 years old. The closest translation comes to “Dharma” in Sanskrit and “Righteous” in English. Well, there is no need to explain further on why this name for an educational space.

Aram is starting with an education space for Art and Design as implied by the college name – ACADES, an acronym for “ARAM CENTRE FOR ART, DESIGN AND ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES”. However ACADES will strive to embrace more and more disciplines in the future, so that every discipline is benefitted by the presence of the other, resulting in a synergetic effect.

“A sound mind in a sound body”. True, isn’t it? So we decided that we lay importance to your self first, so that you are prepared to absorb what the world is ready to give. We formed the following values or principles based on this.

    Our Values at ACADES
  • To start with helping students understand what food is, how to benefit from it, and end with providing it.
  • To help students understand purposefulness in life, and facilitate a hostel life that develops positive social skills and interpersonal skills.
  • To encourage extracurricular activities that help the students understand the relevance of the environment and its importance in our lives.
  • To ensure that the students not only develop their design based skills and knowledge, but also nurture an attitude to meaningfully serve the larger concern.
  • To create an Academic Centred Educational Environment and provide quality education and pedagogy that brings about true revelation.
  • So it starts with PREPARING YOU, moves on to the SOCIETY, and then to RECONNECTING TO THE ENVIRONMENT and finally UNDERSTANDING DESIGN.



Hostel facility is available within campus, separately for boys and girls, on twin sharing basis and every room is facilitated with an attached toilet & bathroom. Hostel care takers are trained to deal with the psychological aspects of the young minds and guide them accordingly. We do believe in freedom and democracy of students and other residents of hostel as well as employees of Aram, in choosing how they wish to plan and live their lives. They are still young and also being away from home they need to be cared for. With this view a few things are kept mandatory for the students.

Key features:
  • Early to bed and early to Rise
  • Yoga daily in the morning sunlight
  • After class activities - like Radio club, TV club, pottery, workshop where they can develop their technical skills along with their group working skills
  • Alternative evenings you are occupied with the film club which helps you develop your thinking and communication skills
  • Once every 15 days you are taken to the city to reconnect. Visit to serene places that will calm you and make you think deeper, and reconnect to nature
Mess Food :

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Food is the starting point of both our happiness and misery. Whatever may be the history, we have forgotten what's right for our body when it comes to eating. Factors such as time and influence of other food styles have had a huge impact on the health of our life. At Aram, we have attempted to do something about it.

Key features :
  • Knowing what food is to be given to the human body
  • How to prepare ourselves to consume that food
  • Guided by a naturopathy doctor, the food prepared will be tasty and healthy.
  • Raw material is sourced from an authentic organic producer.
  • Oil is milled on campus to ensure we get the real health benefits of oil.
  • Fresh food always, no artificial refrigeration.
  • No milk, only juices and herbal tea.
  • Everyone will be encouraged to sit down and eat.
  • You must wash your own plates / dispose plantain leaves.
  • Minimum cooking, lots of fruits & nuts.

And now about the education at ACADES

“The classical way design was taught and learnt made all the difference to us in the way we thought and acted and understood life itself. There is a great wisdom in the way design education and design pedagogy blossomed in India.”

ACADES is an ACADEMIC CENTERED institute - the classical touch, as opposed to an administration centred institute. Why is this important to you? A good teacher not only knows what to teach, he or she knows when to teach, how to teach, where to teach and why to teach. Thus a good teacher contemplates a lot and is usually immersed emotionally in the teaching learning experience. One then realizes that it is best to go with the flow and that gives great results. This means that all other resources and policies should be ready to support the efforts of the teacher at any moment. Nowadays we put down rigid policies and want to squeeze the teacher and learner in to that. If a photograph of a rising sun has to be shot, you have to shoot it at around 6.00 am in the morning. That means the class should start at 5.30 am. Now that is the freedom that we need not only for design studies, but any stream we choose to pursue. At ACADES, the students & teachers are the primary focus, and each and every policy is built around them.

We believe, Design deals, not only with the visual studies catering just to the visual sense of the user, but senses such as auditory, tactile and also the olfactory sense. Thus at ACADES we have redefined the foundation to a 1 ½ year program, bringing in time for some foundation studies in music, performing arts and sculpture so that the students can explore those aspects and be influenced by these in their design process too. The primary purpose is to broaden the search and connections that a designer can make for himself / herself. This will be complemented by the in-campus courses such as the Fine Arts and Performing arts program. The campus will be vibrant with activities such as painting, sculpture, drama, music, dance and design. The synergetic effects are many.

Benefits for an Art student:
  •  Fine arts students will be given a unique design foundation program that will strengthen their understanding and conceptual ability.
  • After the foundation program, the in-campus interaction with the design students and design faculty will give them an exposure that will be unique at ACADES.
  • Fine arts students of ACADES will be greatly benefitted because the pedagogy will ensure good strength in articulation and communication skills, so that they can promote themselves in this competitive world.
Benefits for a Design Student:
Design students will benefit from the constant exposure to in-campus activities like
  • Painting - students exploring various mediums such as acrylics, water colors, oil colors, tempera, charcoal, pen & ink while demonstrating their expressions and emotions.
  • Sculpture - students exploring materials like clay, paper mash, stone, resin, wood, metal, concrete and so on.
  • Music – practicing Carnatic and Hindustani, and explore music with various instruments – Indian classical, western classical, tribal and the rest
  • Dance - where students can learn the various styles of dance in our country and a few from other countries, Indian folk-art and puppetry. 
  • Theatre – where students get to explore acting, direction, set design, sound design etc.