Acting and Theater Arts

Theatre, music and dance

At ACADES, we offer you an extremely vibrant, vigorous and creative 3 year program in acting and theatre. The course is extended to all, irrespective of background, age and aspiration. Be it acting, technical production, musical theatre, stage combat, etc. our professional trainers and practitioners will guide and train the students accordingly, irrespective of the student’s proficiency.

The acting program consists of a comprehensive and diverse curriculum that provides a strong foundation in performance fundamentals that include acting techniques, acting for camera, improvisation, singing, stage production, musical theatre and speech.

The foundation level training focuses on three key areas of artistic development: creativity, techniques and readiness. The program commences with a rigorous immersion in truthful acting techniques, where the students are trained in voice, speech, body, script analysis, audition techniques and camera. The programme is a blend of the conservatory approach and contemporary requirements of the professional world.

The courses are handled by esteemed faculty and working professionals, who will integrate psycho-physical movement techniques, exercising the undeniable connection between body and mind. Imagination principles generate various sensations and emotions, leading the actor to truthful expression. The students will learn how to apply acting principles, gestures and their acting tools to scenes. At the end of this course, the student will be fully prepared to embrace the unlimited possibilities of the working actor.

“Imagine waking up each morning and doing something you love all day;
learning the craft of acting from professional actors, directors, producers, agents and casting directors;
performing at the largest theatre festival;
learning the craft of acting on camera through the experience of making professional films;
following your dreams…..
Prepare for a career for staging.”