Communication Design

Typography, Graphic design, Film & Video, Animation, Interaction & User experience design

The Communication Design program at ACADES aims to not only introduce and train the student in various media of communication, but also go one step further and inculcate design thinking for creative usability issues pertaining to communication materials. The students will be equipped to implement their designs with a wide range of inputs in graphic design, typography, color and composition, UI Design, film and photography etc. ACADES also encourages the students to have a hands on experience with the technological aspects of the communication design industry and equips the students to be flexible and adaptable to a first in the class designing environment.

On completion of the course, the student will be well equipped to take on a range of work opportunities of which some are at

  • Advertising agencies
  • Publishing houses
  • Graphic design studios
  • Type design
  • Animation studios
  • and user experience design studios
  • Start their own studios
  • Design education and education design are also growing fields