Fine Arts

Painting, Sculpture

Irrespective of your area of artistic interest, age or skill level, we have flexible modules to support your passions at Aram Centre for Art and Design. Experienced artists and art instructors, large studios and a limited class strength are just some of the factors that make the ACADES space a motivational and supportive environment to explore and develop your talents in. The campus will also provide a 24/7 working space for the student to experiment with various artistic techniques and media with regard to the dynamics and values of contemporary art.

The program begins with one year of rigorous training in drawing, composition, painting, sculpting and anatomy study to ensure that students have the required foundational skill set to pursue their artistic expression. Subsequently, our faculty will work with students to further develop their artistic understanding and abilities, helping them to master more advanced fine art concepts, skills and nurture their unique style.

This course at Aram aims to reinterpret and develop the traditional approach to academics. Apart from enhancing their creative skills, the student will also be encouraged to develop their organizational and self-promotional skills in order to gain easier access to the professional world.

On completion of this course, the student will be equipped to start a career as an Exhibiting artist, Museum and Gallery Curator, Gallery Director, Exhibit Designer, Interior Design Consultant, Set Designer and many more such careers.

“ Customize your program by focusing on painting, sculpture, printmaking, calligraphy/letterform, and book arts. Improve both your technical and conceptual skills, and discover what it takes to be an artist-entrepreneur in today’s art industry. Graduate with a professional-level portfolio and an understanding of the business of art so you can start your journey as a professional artist. “