Industrial design

Product design, Interaction & User experience design, Furniture and Interior design, Accessory design

The Industrial Design program at ACADES aims to instil in the student, both responsibility and concern regarding usability issues of consumer products, industrial products and complex systems such as agricultural drip irrigation systems, or waste management systems, taking into consideration the ecological and environmental issues that are often overlooked in the name of innovation. The program will also explore the creative opportunities for partnerships with various small cottage industries and large scale industries. Research techniques, visualization and representation techniques, model making and prototyping methods, and articulation and communication techniques are emphasized as an essential part of the design process.

On completion of the course, the student will be well equipped to start a career in various environments such as

  • Industries that manufacture consumer goods (kitchen appliances, home electronics, automobile sector etc.)
  • Industries that manufacture industrial products (machinery, hand tools etc.)
  • Craft sectors
  • Design studios that specialize in providing product design services (furniture, accessories, consumer goods etc.)
  • Space design related work
    (interior design, work space design, recreational space design, theme parks, portable shelter systems etc.)
  • Ad interface and user experience design such as digital interfaces in mobiles, websites and day-to-day products in common use
  • They may even start their own design firm
  • Design education and education design are also growing fields