Textile Design

Home furnishings, Fashion apparel, Print design & made-ups, Woven textiles, Surface manipulation

The word textile could be interpreted as ‘textures that are tiled’. Interesting isn’t it! It is a real wonder as to when man started feeling shy. Thanks to that, because today we have such wonderful programs such as textile design and apparels. While apparel design looks at the styling of garments that we wear every day, textile design looks at the very design of the FABRIC that is used for making the garment itself. There is difference between an ordinary towel and a terry towel, normal cotton shirt and denims, because these are not surface level changes. Then what are they? There is a lot more to textiles such as printing and embroidery, and a huge variety of applications including what is being done in the craft sector.

On completion of the course, the student will be well equipped to start a career in various environments such as

  • Industries that manufacture textile goods such as mills, garment manufacturers, etc.
  • Industries that are into printing and dyeing
  • Craft sectors
  • Design studios
  • Space design related work
    (Interior design, work space design recreational space design, theme parks, portable shelter systems etc.)
  • Interface and user experience design such as digital interfaces in mobiles, websites
  • They may even start their own design firm